anything DATA™

Low Battery Solutions

The core business of the company is advanced data analytics or related R&D services, which altogether provide the added value to a product or a service the customer needs to improve. Regardless of the data source and format, we use sophisticated knowledge, techniques and technologies that include homebrew code, industry standard tools or open source, which is eventually turned into the desired functionality.

Big Data, Data Science

We conduct Data Science projects with big stress on the ‘science’ term. Each team member has the sufficient experience with large data sets processing on postgraduate level. This could be non-classical logics, data mining, advanced statistics, parallel data processing and HPC simulations or bioinformatics.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

The team is experienced in applying various AI methods into research projects. We are proficient in custom algorithms’ design, plausible to a particular puzzle to solve. Whether this involves an SVN, Genetic Algorithm, KNN, MDS, Rough Sets or fuzzy logics reasoning - please get a quote on the project.

Advanced Database Technologies

We also provide advanced database services which span far beyond SQL programming. We work on distributed queries, NoSQL storage engines, custom ETL/ELT, BI systems and more. We also handle advanced database tasks related to problems like Data Quality or NULL values' imputation.

Selected papers

GDFuzz3D: a method for protein 3D structure reconstruction from contact maps, based on a non-Euclidean distance function

Bioinformatics 2015
Pietal et al.
Publisher's website

The effects of data input errors on subsequent statistical inference

Journal of Applied Statistics 2015
Kozak et al.
Publisher's website

Combined use of different research techniques based on the Internet to collect complementary data form a single respondent as a new promising approach in social research

Research Methods and Techniques in Economic and Social Sciences 2012
Publisher's website

C-NBC: Neighborhood-based clustering with constraints

CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2014
Publisher's website